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Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles: 

Do you want to keep the kids you love safe?

Educators and staff of youth serving organizations:

Do you want to equip and empower kids to 

recognize trouble and report it?

Diane Tarantini is a dynamic communicator speaking and writing primarily on the topic of child safety. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, a body safety educator in the state of West Virginia, and an author, blogger, and journalist focused on child safety, Tarantini researches the topic to know what threats to kids are trending and how to deal with them. 

Presentations can be customized to include any of the following:

  • What parents, educators, and care providers need to know now about keeping kids safe

  • Sextortion: What you and your kids need to know now about this current threat

  • Pornography: Why kids are looking at it—it’s not why you think

  • What pornography is teaching your child

  • What’s driving the increase in child-on-child sexual abuse? 

  • What to expect if you’re a survivor of childhood sexual abuse

  • A morning/afternoon with The Brave Knight. Using Tarantini’s highly acclaimed children’s book, The Brave Knight, kids learn to identify the language and behavior of unsafe individuals such as bullies, sexual predators, and friends headed down a bad path. Kids will hear the story, create a list of 5+ safe adults, and put together 3+ personal safety plans. Elevate the experience by purchasing a copy of The Brave Knight for each child!

  • Tarantini conducts body safety assemblies for schools, community groups, churches, etc., often in conjunction with her nonprofit partners.

  • As an award-winning writer, Tarantini also offers high energy workshops for adults or kids on the topics of writing and/or book promotion. 

Upcoming Speaking Events

June 9-11: West Virginia Writers annual conference, Ripley, WV. Diane will be teaching three writing workshops:

  • How to Sell a Book: What Works and What Doesn’t

  • Social Media Management 101: How to Get Started…or Go Further

  • So you want to be a writer…10+ things to consider when setting out on the writing journey

June 24The Brave Knight children’s event, the Elks Club, Morgantown, WV. We’ll read The Brave Knight and talk about it. There will also be coloring pages, photos with the shield from the story, and snacks. Ya gotta have snacks, right?

September 6: Survivor event, Herndon, Virginia.

Podcast Interviews


ONE Voice Podcast Interview with Nicole Braddock Bromley

Body Safety and The Brave Knight 

Guest: Diane Tarantini, author of The Brave Knight which “articulates incredibly complex child abuse grooming techniques/dynamics (ie. desensitizing physical contact, isolation from familial supports, love for perpetrators, disparity of social power), and somehow does it in an age-appropriate, non-threatening way. A brilliant, compelling, and inspiring resource for kids and those who love them.” -Robert Peters: Senior Attorney at Zero Abuse Project, founder of Shield Task Force, former prosecuting attorney, former US Marine. 

trauma informed parenting podcastTrauma Informed Parenting podcast with Kathleen Guire

How to Create a Child-Safety Plan

Diane joins me on the podcast for the second week in a row to talk about a few super important topics – Having a  body safety plan and some important (mind blowing) facts about kiddos and pornography. Why is it on the rise? Diane says: The child safety work I do is three-fold. I believe adults should keep kids safe. So I equip them to do that very thing. 

  1. Because I know adults can’t be everywhere all the time, I also equip kids to recognize, avoid, escape, and/or report abuse events–potential or actual.

  2. In addition, I’m an advocate for sexual abuse survivors. Supporting and encouraging other survivors is very important to me.

Grab a cup of coffee and join us as Diane teaches us about this super-important topic!

trauma informed parenting podcastTrauma Informed Parenting podcast with Kathleen Guire

Diane Tarantini- 3 Tips on Child-Safety

Diane Tarantini, a child safety educator and survivor of child sexual abuse, joins me in this episode. She shares her three top tips for child safety!

“One in 10 kids will be sexually abused by the time they’re 18. It’s a heartbreaking statistic, isn’t it? However, that number is actually an improvement over what it used to be. Which means child safety efforts are working. Which means prevention is possible.”- Diane

Grab your headphones and your coffee and join us as Diane shares three super important tips. Before you go, hop on over to Diane’s website and grab her “How to Keep Kids Safe Guide: 20 Tips From A Body Safety Expert.”


Featured News Articles


Big Bravery in Small Forms
A book review featured in the Morgantown Magazine by Devin Lacy.

Diane Tarantini: A children’s book is born

“The Brave Knight,” a children’s book by Diane Tarantini, tells a fantasy story that teaches kids, in a non-threatening way, to be on their guard against sexual predators.


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