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Hi! I'm Diane. Sit by me!

Hello, friend!

I am Diane Tarantini and words are my jam!

I like to read them, write them, and speak them out loud!

I’m an award-winning writer with a slice-of-life blog and a brand new children’s book titled, The Brave Knight.

Like so many others out there, I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. That’s what prompted me to write The Brave Knight and become a body safety educator in the state of West Virginia.

If you really love details, I’m also: a wife, mother, Nan, cat and coffee lover, a really good cook, and a human addicted to learning stuff and sharing it with my friends.

Hi, I'm Diane! | author, speaker, blogger
Image of the front cover of the children's book The Brave Knight.
In "The Brave Knight," Diane articulates incredibly complex child abuse grooming techniques/dynamics (desensitizing physical contact, isolation from familial supports, love for perpetrators, disparity of social power), and somehow does it in an age appropriate, non-threatening way. A brilliant, compelling, and inspiring resource for kids and those who love them.
Robert Peters
Founder, Shield Task Force
"Honestly, though…I didn’t know what to expect. I am fortunate enough not to have had any experience with grooming or abuse at all. I was thinking, 'How could a fairy tale convey that experience to children in an understandable way?' Such a difficult topic. But as I was reading it, I saw the truth unfold right before my eyes! Girl, you nailed it!! What an incredible tool.."
Barbie J
...Hooray for Diane Tarantini and her mission to arm children with the tools necessary to recognize danger. Monsters rarely look like monsters...
Lisa Payne Barbour
"Diane's dealt with a difficult and important topic with such skill! Her beautifully written story reminds me of classic fairy tales, but it couldn't be more timely. And the illustrations are stunning, with just the right balance of intensity and hope. It's a great read for families with kids of all ages, because the different layers will appeal to different readers in unique ways. Excellent writing, exciting adventure! Well done!"
Cole Smith
Writer, teacher, Cole SmithWrites
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